Meaning of aniseed in English:


Pronunciation /ˈanɪsiːd/

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mass noun
  • The seed of the anise, used in cooking and herbal medicine.

    ‘almond cakes which were sweetened with aniseed’
    • ‘aniseed balls’
    • ‘As in many countries of the region, the favoured drink is the strong aniseed flavoured spirit, Arak, which I have to admit goes well with the many mixed dishes of the ‘Mezze’.’
    • ‘Broadly they fall into two camps: French or Bohemian, depending on whether they cloud and whether they taste predominantly of aniseed.’
    • ‘Concentrated, full, rich and velvety, this nicely structured, complex red has cherry, cloves, vanilla, pepper and aniseed in abundance.’
    • ‘The boy who brought it slipped the bill under a round steel dish containing a little sweetened aniseed.’
    • ‘The aniseed herbs: chervil, tarragon and fennel seem especially appropriate for summer.’
    • ‘Its secret is a 10-minute pre-oven soak in soy sauce, tangerine peel, cinnamon and aniseed.’
    • ‘The alternative of drag-racing, where hounds chase a sack of aniseed instead of a fox, is encouraged by these activists.’
    • ‘The Tempranillo is slightly peppery with hints of aniseed and blackcurrant.’
    • ‘When not in use for bullfights also, the Plaza is a pleasant square with pavement cafes where many people enjoy the locally produced drink - aniseed aperitif.’
    • ‘A number of flavouring oils were used by some anglers such as aniseed, herring and pilchard.’
    • ‘In the food bazaar I inspect sacks of nuts and dried fruit, and great aromatic pyramids of herbs and spices: dried mango and turmeric, lotus seeds and saffron, aniseed and piles of sweet red cakes.’
    • ‘Fennel seeds are often included, adding a pungent, slightly aniseed note to the sauce.’
    • ‘Smooth and very drinkable, this delivers subtle notes of aniseed, liquorice, spice and lemon peel.’
    • ‘Add the yeast, salt, milk, sesame seeds, aniseed, and the remaining water to form a firm dough, about seven minutes.’
    • ‘Dry, rich, peppery and positively rippling with tannins, there are flavours of cassis, raspberry, mustard and aniseed.’
    • ‘Here they were marinated in aniseed infused olive oil, and served with a bushy little topping of grated beetroot.’
    • ‘It is customary in Norway to have a shot of this soft caraway and aniseed spirit with breakfast.’
    • ‘Sweet, slightly hot and absurdly sticky they will fill the kitchen with that warm, Christmassy aniseed smell you so often encounter in Chinese restaurants.’
    • ‘But unless you've got someone to guide you safely back to your welcoming bed, steer clear of the local hooch - ouzo - the Greek spirit flavoured with aniseed consumed diluted with water.’
    • ‘Roger used the time to indulge in the macho southern French pastime of sipping pastis, a strong, sweet, aniseed - flavoured spirits to which you add copious quantities of ice and cold water.’


Late Middle English from anise+ seed.