Meaning of anisogamous in English:


Pronunciation /anʌɪˈsɒɡəməs/



See anisogamy

‘These produce flagellated anisogamous gametes that are released into the water to find each other.’
  • ‘The gametes are isogamous or anisogamous and are produced from the plurilocular sporangia of gametophytes.’
  • ‘Chlamydomonas braunii is just like C. reinhardtii, except for the fact that it is anisogamous.’
  • ‘Sexual reproduction is variable and may be isogamous, anisogamous or oogamous.’
  • ‘These subsequent studies will allow him to compare the genetics of isogamous and anisogamous processes, possibly leading to new insights for the control of Plasmodium transmission.’
  • ‘Using individual-based models we show that gamete size dimorphism frequently leads to anisogamous populations consisting of two types of genotypes that differ in the size of the gametes they produce.’