Meaning of anisotropy in English:


Pronunciation /ˌanʌɪˈsɒtrəpi/



See anisotropic

‘Foliation anisotropy caused bending to take place locally by folding about an inclined hinge in the limbs of a pre-existing synform, which tightened during the deformation.’
  • ‘It seems that the contact between augen gneiss and metasediments represents a strong mechanical anisotropy along which the basal thrust of the Zermatt-Saas zone developed.’
  • ‘Frequency domain anisotropy was measured by exciting the sample with the amplitude-modulated light polarized vertically.’
  • ‘One of the proposed methods for performing a protein bioassay is the use of fluorescence anisotropy of the fluorophore-labeled aptamer.’
  • ‘COBE also measured small directional variations in the background radiation's temperature, known as anisotropy.’
  • ‘It is still puzzling that the anisotropy and GP reported for laurdan do not show similar temperature-dependence profiles.’
  • ‘The rotations were measured by anisotropy of fluorescence originating from a small volume defined by a narrow aperture of a confocal microscope.’
  • ‘One means of differentiating the various possibilities would be to examine the anisotropy of DHPC diffusion.’
  • ‘Fluorescence intensity, lifetime, spectral shift, and anisotropy all may be used to monitor conformational changes.’
  • ‘Typically, the anisotropy decays of nanosecond decay time fluorophores are used to study the order and dynamics of the acyl side chain regions.’
  • ‘In diamagnetic heme proteins, the magnetic anisotropy is small and RDCs are barely large enough to be used as structural constraints.’
  • ‘The wavelength dependence reflects the degree and orientation of the optical anisotropy changes beyond 600 nm.’
  • ‘Within the peripheral zone, the expansion rate, expansion anisotropy, and the direction of maximal expansion vary according to the age of adjacent leaf primordia.’
  • ‘We observe a reduction in fluorescence anisotropy only in the presence of FRET from linked mVenus and mCerulean.’
  • ‘In this study we show how to determine with fluorescence anisotropy a quantitative value of the intrinsic resilience of the protein matrix.’
  • ‘Temperatures below room temperature increase strength and hardness, with some loss of ductility and a decrease in anisotropy.’
  • ‘The gel to liquid disordered phase transition of pure PSM was clearly reported as a steep decrease in the anisotropy of DPH.’
  • ‘Analysis of cross-fiber anisotropy indicates a basic contrast of design between the extrinsic and the intrinsic fibers.’
  • ‘In contrast to AMS, anisotropy of magnetic remanence examines the preferred orientation of the remanence - carrying minerals only.’
  • ‘Fluorescence anisotropy is used to characterize rotational mobility of the fluorescing molecules or complexes.’