Meaning of ankle-length in English:


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  • (of footwear or an item of clothing) reaching the ankles.

    ‘ankle-length boots’
    • ‘an ankle-length skirt’
    • ‘The younger collection, Emporio Armani, presents a sort of European tradesman, with ankle-length trouser with sweaters tucked in.’
    • ‘Maybe someday I will be blessed with ankle length hair.’
    • ‘Up ahead, we saw someone gliding along in a long-sleeved, ankle-length dress, not your typical exercise clothing for a warm day.’
    • ‘Today, she is wearing a plain black ankle-length dress decorated with flowers, perversely projecting a rather saintly look.’
    • ‘Women tend to wear very colorful long-sleeved, ankle-length dresses, with a black silk cloak called an abaya covering them completely in public.’
    • ‘Barnard, wearing an ankle-length green dress, emerged from the court with a broad smile on her face.’
    • ‘Women's dresses should be ankle length all the way round - not just at the front.’
    • ‘Her ankle-length black jacket fluttered about her like a satin cape.’
    • ‘The front lawn of Little Brenthurst is also completely natural - the indigenous grass is ankle length with paths mowed through it.’
    • ‘These intrepid women wore brightly coloured ankle-length tunics, with fine hats over hair adorned with ribbons.’
    • ‘Over it, she wore an ankle-length red coat, with a belt slung around her hips.’
    • ‘The boy on the other hand wore an ankle length black trench coat, with a green ponytail flipped over the coat.’
    • ‘Plain white ankle length socks adorned her feet.’
    • ‘I've got the long boots on today but my skirt is ankle length.’
    • ‘Children went to schools, including girls wearing headscarves and ankle-length uniforms.’
    • ‘The cheerleader dressed as a pillar of moral rectitude: colorful hair bows, an ankle-length skirt, and saddle oxfords.’
    • ‘Hanging in the open wardrobe before her was a magnificent pale gold, ankle length gown.’
    • ‘Yuck, she thought, as she tugged on the ankle length yellow nylon skirt.’
    • ‘He carried himself quite elegantly, and sported an ankle-length trenchcoat, superbly set off by a rather large hat.’
    • ‘You are sweating like crazy, but you love your ankle-length black leather jacket, so the fact you are hyper-ventilating doesn't matter.’