Meaning of annal in English:


Pronunciation /ˈanl/


  • 1A record of the events of one year.

    • ‘the annal for 1032’
    dossier, document, record, report, case history, case study
    1. 1.1A record of one item in a chronicle.
      ‘an annal recording Nothhelm's assistance to Ine in his war with Geraint’
      • ‘The arrival of Cerdic and his son Cynric is recorded in the Chronicle annal for 495, but the entries concerning them are riddled with so many inconsistencies that they cannot be taken as viable historical accounts.’
      • ‘The last document in OE, an annal of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle dated 1154, shows features of early Middle English.’


Late 17th century back-formation from annals.