Meaning of annelidan in English:


noun & adjective


See annelid

‘One widely-mooted suggestion is that planktotrophic larvae, typified by the annelidan trochophore and echinoid pluteus, existed long before the metazoan radiations evident in the Cambrian fossil record.’
  • ‘At first glance, the animals in the annelidan and molluskan groups look like they have little in common.’
  • ‘The high degree of diversity of the annelidan nervous system may seem to weaken the power of the ropeladder-like nervous system to act as an apomorphic characteristic for a taxon comprising Annelida and Arthropoda.’
  • ‘The annelidan affinities of the Echiura are further strengthened by recent work demonstrating a metameric or segmented arrangement of their nervous system as is typical of the annelids.’
  • ‘Cell lineage analyses, mainly conducted on annelidan. and molluscan embryos, suggested that the ultimate fates of blastomeres are tremendously conserved.’
  • ‘As a rule, annelidan segments are generated from a posterior growth zone, arising and developing sequentially, from anterior to posterior.’