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[with object]
  • 1Add as an extra or subordinate part, especially to a document.

    ‘the first ten amendments were annexed to the Constitution in 1791’
    • ‘I think that some of the documents that were referred to are annexed to the affidavit of Ms Chang in any event.’
    • ‘Pages 3 onward of the Laudervest / Skyline Agreement are annexed to the Gantzes' Purchase Agreement.’
    • ‘It is annexed to an affidavit sworn by the applicant.’
    • ‘No, it is the Corporations Act 2001 of Western Australia, which is annexed to the submissions in reply.’
    • ‘There should be annexed to section 9 Statements proving service, the notice of intended prosecution and the requirement to provide details.’
    • ‘What appears in paragraph 19 is not probative on what it says beyond the document annexed to it.’
    • ‘The scale of the adjustment which it will be necessary to make is illustrated very approximately by the diagram annexed to this judgment.’
    • ‘Four protocols, including an important protocol on enlargement, one on the functioning of the Court of Justice, and one on the expiry of the ECSC Treaty, were also annexed to the existing Treaties.’
    • ‘According to another letter that is annexed to the affidavit, it is conceded for the respondent that the Minister's letter was ‘technically discoverable in these proceedings’.’
    • ‘Could I invite your Honours to go to submissions on behalf of the Wentworth Shire Council and to the document annexed to it following page 11.’
    • ‘First of all and extensively, in tabular form in section 8, I direct that a copy of that table is annexed to any transcript of this judgment.’
    • ‘In other words, you rely upon the criminal record as appears from the documents annexed to the stated case.’
    • ‘The longer affidavit is longer because it annexes documents, your Honour.’
    • ‘For ready reference, a copy of this document is annexed as Schedule ‘A’ to these reasons.’
    • ‘The affidavit which is annexed to Mr McKenna's affidavit is that which was used in the Federal Court proceedings yesterday.’
    • ‘This principle is recognised by the Code of Practice of the Press Complaints Commission which is annexed to this written statement.’
    • ‘Ms. Coke submitted two additional affidavits annexing documents received from the defendants.’
    • ‘The documents are each annexed to Mr. Mardell's witness statement which was before the judge and are dealt with at length in that statement.’
    • ‘Fifa and Uefa believe football is a special case, and that a special protocol for sport needs to be annexed to existing EU treaties to protect the professional game from imploding.’
    • ‘The complexity and confusion of the Treaties (thirteen protocols and fifty-nine declarations were annexed to the Amsterdam Final Act) must be partly attributed to the way in which they are negotiated.’
    1. 1.1 archaic Add or attach as a condition or consequence.
      ‘extreme anointing hath neither ordinance of God to be grounded on, nor promise of grace annexed’
      • ‘Stalin is annexed to the general study of pathological dictatorship.’
      • ‘Of relevance here is his observation to which I alluded earlier, that with the creative function being annexed to a wider range of discourses, the role of the author as creative origin of a text or document acquires greater salience.’
      add, append, attach, join
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  • 2Add (territory) to one's own territory by appropriation.

    ‘the left bank of the Rhine was annexed by France in 1797’
    • ‘King Moshoeshoe I was left with a mountainous, infertile kingdom when most of his arable land was annexed to the Orange Free State in the 1860s.’
    • ‘The lands were annexed to the City of London on January 1st 1993.’
    • ‘This procedure was deemed to have been an ‘Act of Free Choice’ in accordance with the United Nations requirements and Indonesia formally annexed the territory in August.’
    • ‘The Western Sahara conflict broke out in 1975 when Morocco annexed the territory after Spain withdrew from what was then a Spanish colony.’
    • ‘There are countries that are attempting to annex territories and populations that would rather have independence.’
    • ‘In the mid-to-late 1930s, Germany was able to annex nearby territories without firing a shot.’
    • ‘This territory was annexed by Morocco after the former colonial power, Spain, pulled out in 1976.’
    • ‘During those years, Napoleon reshaped the peninsula's map at will, changing borders, deposing rulers, annexing territories, and establishing new states.’
    • ‘Sparta had also, in the late 8th century, defeated and annexed the territory of Messenia, its western neighbour.’
    • ‘For countries that had annexed territory in the preceding two centuries, the only real option was to fight for as long as seemed possible and then arrange an orderly retreat.’
    • ‘He met with official disfavour after his spectacular military failure at St. Etienne in 1546, a crucial stumble in Henry's campaign to annex the territory.’
    • ‘By 1455, at the battle of Arkinholm, he had destroyed the family and annexed their lands, a valuable financial strengthening of the monarchy.’
    • ‘Tuscany was assigned to Austria's ally, Duke Francis Stephen of Lorraine, whose former domains were annexed by France.’
    • ‘An elastic metropolitan area is one in which the central city can easily annex undeveloped land and in which there is ample undeveloped land within the central city for growth.’
    • ‘Jalandhar was annexed to the British dominion during the governor generalship of Lord Hardinge.’
    • ‘In the 4th century, Alexander the Great conquered nearly all of the Near East and Palestine was annexed to Egypt and fell under Greek control.’
    • ‘In 1956, Johannes Paul Stetten was born to German parents in Zabrze, Poland, a part of Germany that was annexed to the Communist Bloc after WWII.’
    • ‘In Prussian Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, there was resentment against the Prussian government from 1850 onwards, when the area was annexed to Prussia.’
    • ‘Following the Mexican War, the United States in 1848 annexed most of the region, rounding out the border in 1853 with the Gadsden Purchase.’
    • ‘Tensions between Spain and Morocco have a long history, particularly over the sovereignty of Western Sahara, a Spanish former colony, which Morocco annexed in 1975.’
    take over, take possession of, appropriate, expropriate, arrogate, seize, conquer, occupy, garrison
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/əˈnɛks/ /ˈanɛks/

nounplural noun annexes

(mainly British annexe)
  • 1A building joined to or associated with a main building, providing additional space or accommodation.

    ‘the school's one-storey wooden annex’
    • ‘Many of the consulate staff were working in the vulnerable annexes because the main building - a grand Italianate palace known as Pera House - was being renovated following a fire three years ago.’
    • ‘It feels to me that this is like building an annex before the main building has gone up.’
    • ‘These are located in an annex to the main building.’
    • ‘The hospital comprises three main structures - the annex building, atrium, and research center.’
    • ‘This is a building that is going to be used as an annexe to the main house and not as a garden structure.’
    • ‘At the time of the inquiry, the building was used as an annexe to the main house by the applicant's son who worked anti-social hours.’
    • ‘In June, an attempt to sell the pink stucco main building and adjoining annex failed to elicit any bids that met the government's minimum so a new tactic will be tried.’
    • ‘We've had press conferences actually not shunted to one side of the annex but in the main reception rooms of the palace.’
    • ‘Like all the cabins in the Lowlies' quarters, this was a single-storey building with one main room and annexes to serve as bedrooms.’
    • ‘To turn the 400 sq m annexe into additional accommodation would cost an estimated £200,000.’
    • ‘The students were being accommodated at the annex at the back of the school adjoining St Francis RC Church.’
    • ‘Located in a separate annex off the main landing are the third and fourth bedrooms and a second family bathroom.’
    • ‘The buildings are mostly guesthouses or the sad annexes used by the hotels on the main Prom when they are full.’
    • ‘Center Pharmacy, which is in Spring Valley in Washington, D.C., shares a building with several pediatricians' offices and an annex of the Children's Hospital.’
    • ‘There was room for 10 members of the public in the courtroom itself, and 80 more would be accommodated in an annexe.’
    • ‘Kitchens and washrooms were in an annex behind the main workhouse.’
    • ‘The stone sculptures are housed in the museum annexe built in 1962.’
    • ‘The back wall of the garage at the priest's house contains a Holy Water Font which is believed to have come from the side annexe of the old church.’
    • ‘He has secured planning permission to develop the house and grounds, but is intent on also converting the castle into an annex of the hotel.’
    • ‘Ardagh Community Council submitted an application to demolish the annex building to the front of the existing community centre.’
    part, section, side
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  • 2An addition to a document.

    ‘an annex to the report’
    • ‘He said the risk streets were listed in an annex to the report, but the annex had not been made available to the press or public.’
    • ‘The Licence Committee considered other available evidence, including that derived from the four publications referred to in the attached annex.’
    • ‘The context for the purpose of the interpretation of a treaty shall comprise, in addition to the text, including its preamble and annexes.’
    • ‘The annex at the back of the new document incorporates the legally enforceable element of the agreement.’
    • ‘How many pages is your report, including the annexes?’
    • ‘The dispute determination is one document with annexes if necessary.’
    • ‘The new figures, in an annex to the pre-budget report delivered two weeks ago, says the new rate of immigration will be 285,000 a year.’
    • ‘All these questions were addressed, and the replies and technical annexes were provided to the IAEA, who also suggested they were very interested in this.’
    • ‘The technical annex to the document is almost three times as long as the text it supports.’
    • ‘That refinancing package which Maudee Barlow was talking about is hidden away in an annexe to the Camdessus Report.’
    • ‘Only minor adjustments or an annex may be necessary to situate the report in the regional context.’
    • ‘To explain this unanimous result, two annexes were attached to his report.’
    • ‘The device of appending separate annexes to key government documents is becoming something of a norm in the wake of the breakdown of the Belfast Agreement.’
    • ‘The following documents only and their annexes, if any, shall together constitute the Contract between the Purchaser and the Contractor.’
    • ‘He duly received a thirty page document plus voluminous annexes which set out KNS's case at considerable length.’
    • ‘The Presidency Conclusions are issued after each meeting, usually in a lengthy document, sometimes with bulky annexes.’
    • ‘The environmental report (not its crucial annexes however) was examined by consultants working for the British Government with their findings published late in 1999.’
    • ‘He said that leading suspects in the killings, whose names were provided to him in a secret annex to the report, must be tried urgently.’
    • ‘It was a lengthy document of some 68 pages with 9 annexes comprising the preliminary ruling and other documentation.’
    • ‘One member of the commission, former Labour MP Ted Rowlands, said in an annex to the report that he does not yet believe Wales is ready for a new model of devolution.’
    extension, supplementary building, addition, annexe
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Late Middle English from Old French annexer, from Latin annectere ‘connect’, from ad- ‘to’ + nectere ‘tie, fasten’.