Meaning of annexationist in English:


noun & adjective

See annexation

‘Armando Hart, director of the Jose Marti Program Office, has warned of the dangers of this diabolical annexationist plan not only for Cuba, but for the entire world.’
  • ‘In September the annexationists of Avignon set up a club as a further sign of their determination to join France.’
  • ‘Orchard's denunciations of the Liberals as pro-US ‘annexationists’ aside, his claim that the Tories were historically the party most identified with anti-Americanism is accurate.’
  • ‘McKinley eventually instructed the American peace commission to obtain the entire archipelago, responding both to a burst of annexationist sentiment and to the lack of a viable alternative.’
  • ‘King Zog tried to reduce his country's economic and military dependence on Italy, but on 7 April 1939 Mussolini, spurred by Hitler's annexationist policies, invaded Albania.’
  • ‘It was only once the war began and Britain joined in that an extravagant pan-German annexationist program materialized.’



/ˌanɛkˈseɪʃənɪst/ /ˌanəkˈseɪʃənɪst/