Meaning of annexationist in English:


noun & adjective

See annexation

  • ‘Armando Hart, director of the Jose Marti Program Office, has warned of the dangers of this diabolical annexationist plan not only for Cuba, but for the entire world.’
  • ‘In September the annexationists of Avignon set up a club as a further sign of their determination to join France.’
  • ‘Orchard's denunciations of the Liberals as pro-US ‘annexationists’ aside, his claim that the Tories were historically the party most identified with anti-Americanism is accurate.’
  • ‘McKinley eventually instructed the American peace commission to obtain the entire archipelago, responding both to a burst of annexationist sentiment and to the lack of a viable alternative.’
  • ‘King Zog tried to reduce his country's economic and military dependence on Italy, but on 7 April 1939 Mussolini, spurred by Hitler's annexationist policies, invaded Albania.’
  • ‘It was only once the war began and Britain joined in that an extravagant pan-German annexationist program materialized.’