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Pronunciation /ˈanjʊəl/

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  • 1Occurring once every year.

    ‘the sponsored walk became an annual event’
    • ‘an annual report’
    • ‘A tradition grew up around this annual event whereby once the cake was cut and the goodies all eaten it was time for ghost stories.’
    • ‘This eagerly anticipated annual event once again drew the crowds and this time there was the added attraction of an extra race on the town centre circuit.’
    • ‘The conference is the premier annual event in cardiology on the medical education calendar in the region.’
    • ‘The Japan-South Korea business conference is an annual event taking place alternately in each country.’
    • ‘The Progressive Law Students Network hopes to make the conference an annual event.’
    • ‘At Rentokil's annual director conference the event has traditionally ended with a formal dinner.’
    • ‘Once again it was an ideal day for this great annual event, which raises a lot of money for charitable and voluntary organisations around the county.’
    • ‘The race has been an annual event since 1988 and once released from the bridge, the ducks float downstream to the finish line by Bradford swimming pool.’
    • ‘He hopes that this tournament can become an annual event, perhaps even once every term.’
    • ‘The annual conference of any political party is a highly controlled event, an exhibition of party unity and leadership authority.’
    • ‘Presently colleges do not hold their annual athletic meets, once a regular feature of their extracurricular activities.’
    • ‘What the annual report does not say, however, is that the uncertainty over what constitutes a First Nation has drastic legal implications.’
    • ‘And that profit growth looks set to continue, after Serco published its annual results this morning.’
    • ‘Unless you're in the habit of booking your annual holiday a day in advance there's no excuse for not having enough time!’
    • ‘The German business magazine Capital has just published its annual list of the country's best employers.’
    • ‘It has failed to publish its annual report since its constitution in 1997.’
    • ‘She did a series of Reith Lectures, the annual six-part lecture series for the BBC on trust.’
    • ‘This will take the form of a direct annual €1,000 payment for each child until they reach school-going age.’
    • ‘They would pay their annual or monthly premiums directly to Tribune.’
    • ‘Now we need to look at the bigger picture - how an annual marketing plan is put together and implemented.’
    yearly, once-a-year, every twelve months
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    1. 1.1Calculated over or covering a period of a year.
      ‘an annual rate of increase’
      • ‘his basic annual income’
      • ‘Apple's calculated annual run rate of 130 million songs a year equates to $43.9m of revenue per annum.’
      • ‘Under the new laws the band would have been required to pay full tax rates on annual incomes of more than €250,000.’
      • ‘This legislation confirms the annual income tax rates for the 2003-04 year.’
      • ‘The annual income tax rates to be confirmed will be the same as the rates that applied for the 2002-03 income year.’
      • ‘Between April and June of 2003 national income grew at an annual rate of 2.4 percent, the fastest in nearly a year.’
      • ‘I will now turn to annual rates of income tax, because this is, I suppose, the issue that hurts us most.’
      • ‘Teresa Hunter examines how banks are bamboozling their customers with the very complex methods of calculating annual percentage rates’
      • ‘The group now sees the annual rate of increase falling further to 8%.’
      • ‘Not unremarkable is the increase in agricultural production, which has increased at the annual rate of 3.9 percent.’
      • ‘Although the U.S. has a disease burden half of that of India, it has an annual increase rate of six per cent which was alarming.’
      • ‘This increase represents and average annual growth rate of 1.91 percent.’
      • ‘The more likely outcome is of a continuing gentle decline in the annual rate of increase.’
      • ‘The annual rate of increase in women has averaged 4.8 percent for the past decade compared to an average of 3.1 percent for men.’
      • ‘In the second quarter, new corporate bond issues increased by an annual rate of $207 billion.’
      • ‘After 2000, the expenditure continued to increase at an annual rate of 12.5 percent.’
      • ‘Younger consultants were more likely to value an increase in annual income compared with older consultants.’
      • ‘The loan is repayable over 14 years with a four-year grace period and fixed annual interest of 1.49 per cent.’
      • ‘On one end the shorter repayment period is the higher annual debt service and thus lower accumulated interest payments.’
      • ‘The members of Athy Town Council have agreed on an increase in the annual commercial rate of 6.5%.’
      • ‘The shire currently collects an annual $15 service charge for bush fire brigades.’
      year-long, lasting a year, twelve-month
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    2. 1.2(of a plant) living only for a year or less, perpetuating itself by seed.
      Compare with biennial, perennial
      ‘annual weeds’
      • ‘Starting an annual flower garden from seed is one of the greatest joys of spring gardening.’
      • ‘Create privacy screens by planting fast-growing annual vines up trellises around your patio.’
      • ‘You've probably seen annual flowers planted in all sorts of odd containers, from discarded tires to old boots!’
      • ‘This is not the year to plant ornamentals and annual flowers.’
      • ‘Blue mustard is a winter annual weed, with seed germinating in late summer and fall.’
      • ‘Spring tillage can stimulate the germination of annual weed seeds.’
      • ‘Typically, colorful annual flowers dominate these gardens because they are such enthusiastic bloomers.’
      • ‘Chloroacetanilide herbicides are widely used for the control of annual grasses and broad-leaf weeds in a variety of major crops such as maize and soybeans.’
      • ‘The plant is an erect annual herb with the height ranging from 0.5 metres to 3.5 metres tall.’
      • ‘You could also use dried sunflower stalks to make a trellis for annual vines.’
      • ‘Several herbicides can help control winter annual grasses and weeds in alfalfa.’
      • ‘Most gardeners begin their foray into container gardening with baskets and boxes of colorful annual flowers.’
      • ‘When hand watering, get into the habit of dead heading your annual flowers and weeding the garden with your spare hand.’
      • ‘Any porch, fence, arbor, large trellis, or pergola is enhanced by an annual vine.’
      • ‘Since they die at the end of each growing season, annual weeds may be successfully controlled by cultivation or mowing.’
      • ‘Basil is an annual herb with a spicy, clove like fragrance and flavor.’
      • ‘I can state for a fact that my neighbour will come out of hibernation to plant his annual crop of potatoes on Good Friday.’
      • ‘Perennial and annual flower gardens also look and function best with fine-textured mulch like composted yard waste.’
      • ‘If they are still not wilted when it's time to plant my annual flowers, I just plant the annuals in between the bulbs.’
      • ‘There's a slight scattering of annual weed seedlings there already as an indication that the soil's ready.’


  • 1A book or magazine that is published once a year under the same title but with different contents.

    ‘a Christmas annual’
    • ‘trade journals, annuals, and directories’
    • ‘The Children's Book Shelf stocks nothing but children's books, old annuals and comics.’
    • ‘Timeform publishes such annuals as Racehorses and Chasers and Hurdlers, along with its weekly Black Book.’
    • ‘One lot is a collection of children's annuals, including first editions of Enid Blyton books and an 1870 copy of John Bunyan's Choice Works.’
    • ‘Whitaker's Almanac is the oldest continually published annual in Britain.’
    • ‘From there, he became an expert at drawing John Wayne, but extended his range to all kinds of Wild West stars, with Wagon Train annuals and other Western books covers.’
    • ‘Popular children's books included annuals, yearly bound books of stories, such as the Rupert Annuals or Chums Annuals.’
    • ‘He says: ‘My mum still has the evidence of published photo-shoots and the annuals I did.’’
    • ‘The GirlFrenzy Millenial is a special compilation of articles and art-work from the zine, published in the style of the girls annuals we all know so well!’
    • ‘By the early 19th century it had become a popular pastime for young ladies and was enthusiastically recommended by annuals and other periodicals.’
    • ‘I think we are the oldest continuously published sporting annual in the world (the first Wisden appeared in 1864).’
    • ‘The Beano alone each week moves about 135,000 copies, and every Christmas both annuals are bestsellers.’
    • ‘His comic annual was selling half a million copies a year and he was the subject of a whole range of merchandising material.’
    • ‘Once upon a time the Christmas was a time for annuals like the Dandy, the Beano, and Beezer and Topper.’
    • ‘At the time, Bill was writing a yearly annual called the Player Ratings Book.’
    • ‘The Doll's House is furnished like a bright children's nursery, with colourful walls and shelves brimming with old annuals, teddies and spinning tops.’
    • ‘He now has a huge collection of Dr Who memorabilia, including annuals and autographs, and is building a second Dalek to add to another he bought for £800.’
  • 2An annual plant.

    ‘sow annuals in spring’
    • ‘Fall is a good time to plant cool-season annuals and vegetables, herbs, perennials and trees, too.’
    • ‘Avoid fertilizing the annuals planted in the same bed until the bulbs have died back.’
    • ‘These annuals are beautiful foliage plants becoming fashionable again.’
    • ‘Except for the sweet potato, which may return in spring, all of these plants are annuals.’
    • ‘If you're brave enough to plant perennials and annuals now, give them extra attention until roots take a strong hold.’
    • ‘You must also leave room in front or behind the bulbs for annuals that you will plant when the daffodils are no longer blooming.’
    • ‘Before I planted these choice annuals, I dug big holes and amended the soil with plenty of manure.’
    • ‘Both are annuals, but once they are established in your garden they are eager reseeders.’
    • ‘Genome size differences among annuals are likewise not related to summer or winter annuality.’
    • ‘l Collect the seed from perennials and annuals by tying a paper bag over the flower head, then cut the stem off the plant.’
    • ‘Her favourite perennials are lilies which put on a show of colour before the annuals get into full swing.’
    • ‘The Italian garden wore a grand look with several varieties of colourful annuals.’
    • ‘You can camouflage the bulb foliage by carefully planting summer annuals around the bulbs once all danger of frost is past.’
    • ‘Once they get established, many of Jensen's annuals self-sow, carrying on the bloom show with little help from her.’
    • ‘Soon Pooter had bought a book, planted annuals and ‘discovered a beautiful spot for growing mustard and cress and radishes’.’
    • ‘Once the primulas and violas go over, a few annuals will be stuffed in wherever they can fit to give colour over the summer.’
    • ‘Growing annuals from seed offers the chance to grow something different every year and the gardeners at Greenbank seize the opportunity wholeheartedly.’
    • ‘We tested for differences in male cyathia production between annuals and perennials.’
    • ‘At ground level it's best to provide spot colour in small gardens, either by the use of annuals or perhaps using bulbs at the front of beds and borders.’
    • ‘These annuals love heat and aren't particularly demanding, but they are prone to powdery mildew, especially late in the season.’


Late Middle English from Old French annuel, from late Latin annualis, based on Latin annus ‘year’.