Meaning of anogenital in English:


Pronunciation /ˌeɪnəʊˈdʒɛnɪt(ə)l/


Medicine Anatomy
  • Relating to the anus and genitals.

    ‘It now seems that the clinical spectrum of disease can include atypical rashes, fissuring, excoriation and discomfort of the anogenital area, cervical lesions, urinary symptoms, and extragenital lesions.’
    • ‘Adults also may develop atopic dermatitis of the hands, upper eyelids, and anogenital region.’
    • ‘When performing the anogenital examination, it is important to be familiar with prepubertal anatomy and normal variants.’
    • ‘It usually appears in the oral cavity, anogenital region, or plantar surface of the foot, but can arise anywhere on the skin surface.’
    • ‘By using this procedure, prairie voles typically scent mark by depositing sebum from anogenital glands and rarely urinate or defecate.’