Meaning of anomalistic year in English:

anomalistic year


  • A year measured between successive perihelia of the earth (approximately 3651/4 days).

    ‘There is also the anomalistic year, although this is even less used than the sidereal year.’
    • ‘On average, the anomalistic year is about 25 minutes longer than the tropical year, so the date of perihelion slowly shifts over time, regressing by about 1 full day every 58 years.’
    • ‘An anomalistic lunar month is the lunar equivalent to the solar anomalistic year which indicates the passage of the sun around the earth from perigee to perigee.’
    • ‘As for those other years, an anomalistic year is about 365.259635 days long.’
    • ‘Wherever we begin an anomalistic year the Earth will go through the complete cycle of its varying speeds while completing an ellipse back to the starting position.’