Meaning of anomalously in English:


Pronunciation /əˈnɒmələsli/


See anomalous

‘‘The issue, really, this year is the anomalously warm sea surface temperatures in the Atlantic,’ said Frank Lepore of the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida.’
  • ‘It's added a rare touch of glamour to the club, whose space-age stadium squats anomalously on the edge of a determinedly humdrum town.’
  • ‘The number of calves born in 1999 and 2000 was found to be low following two feeding seasons that were shortened by anomalously cold winters with extensive ice coverage.’
  • ‘The curators are clearly aware that Dyce - who was older than the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood - sits rather anomalously in the exhibition, yet surely and rightly felt that it would be unthinkable to omit the painter of Pegwell Bay.’
  • ‘The beacon was surrounded by an anomalously flat area about 100 meters in diameter; anyone going for the beacon would be completely exposed for the last few seconds, an easy target for a concealed marksman.’