Meaning of anoraked in English:



See anorak

‘Spotted on Piccadilly: even geekier than a business man on a Segway, an anoraked man wearing a bicycle helmet.’
  • ‘Tall, with long, Sixties-style hair and trendy dark shirts, he does not conform to the public stereotype of the anoraked maths professor.’
  • ‘The hotel is in the thick of Inverness's scenic riverside bed and breakfast land, inhabited by bemused Dutch camper van drivers and anoraked American tourists struggling with umbrellas.’
  • ‘When I lived in London, I passed through England's busiest railway station - Clapham Junction - on an almost daily basis, and without fail, there was always a handful of anoraked individuals with notepads doing a spot of light trainspotting.’
  • ‘When we all disembarked the PR man introduced me to the anoraked, bearded man.’