Meaning of anorthosite in English:


Pronunciation /əˈnɔːθəsʌɪt/


mass nounGeology
  • A granular igneous rock composed largely of labradorite or another plagioclase.

    ‘Because of the preponderance of the mineral anorthite (a calcium-rich variety of the mineral plagioclase feldspar) this rock type is called anorthosite.’
    • ‘Coarse-grained anorthosite is the predominant rock type in these bodies.’
    • ‘The plagioclase crystals would have formed subcircular lenses of anorthosite that punctuated background chromite accumulation.’
    • ‘Wood's second audacious - and completely unsubstantiated - claim was that all the lunar highlands were made of the rock anorthosite.’
    • ‘An area that contains over 90% anorthosite is currently being quarried near the preserve.’


Mid 19th century from French anorthose ‘plagioclase’ + -ite.