Meaning of ansatz in English:


Pronunciation /ˈansats/ /ˈanzats/


  • An assumption about the form of an unknown function which is made in order to facilitate solution of an equation or other problem.

    ‘The conventional ansatz for the B-state dominance in S65T is that the negative charge on the anionic Glu - 222 prevents wt-Cro ionization in the GS and conversely, the neutral Glu - 222 in the S65T mutant permits its permanent ionization.’
    • ‘This observation is harder to rationalize within the conventional ansatz, that Thr - 203 rotates to form the HB to the anion only after ESPT.’
    • ‘Using this approximation ansatz, several problems concerning planar rods reduce to elementary geometry, as seen from the following simple but illustrative examples.’
    • ‘Several arguments contradicting this ansatz are presented below, suggesting instead that for wt-GFP at room temperature the primary role of the Glu - 222 pathway is in the reprotonation direction.’
    • ‘The well-defined asymmetry in the ÎHL channel G-V curve serves as a test of this ansatz.’


1930s from German Ansatz ‘approach, attempt’.