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answer for

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phrasal verb

  • answer for somethingBe responsible or to blame for something.

    ‘if you persist I will not answer for the consequences’
    • ‘the dust mite has a lot to answer for, especially if you are asthmatic’
    • ‘If rules of behaviour are flouted, those responsible must answer for their actions.’
    • ‘I guess the lesson here is that if you really have integrity, and your opinion is truly your own, and you aren't trying to front or pander, then you wouldn't try to ditch the responsibility of answering for it later.’
    • ‘Society has a lot to answer for, we all have a responsibility to children.’
    • ‘The family have been at their wits' end trying to ensure somebody answers for this.’
    • ‘And Europe, too, is plainly better off with Milosevic answering for his crimes, instead of committing more.’
    • ‘And people then say, you should have answered for this.’
    pay for, be punished for, suffer the consequences of, suffer for
    be accountable for, be responsible for, be liable for, take the blame for
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