Meaning of answerability in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɑːns(ə)rəˈbɪlɪti/

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mass noun
  • Responsibility for explaining or justifying one's actions.

    ‘the answerability of governments to the citizenry’
    • ‘I remember a time when the Prime Minister was very strong on answerability by the Government to the Opposition.’
    • ‘We call for transparency and answerability in all the organization's dealings with asylum seekers.’
    • ‘The personal majesty of the monarch, as the final subjectivity of decision, is above all answerability for acts of government.’
    • ‘Beyond neighbourhoods, policing then needs what I would describe as answerability, at the level of the services centred in large towns.’
    • ‘If ministerial answerability cannot be adequately established, the question cannot be accepted and would ultimately be disallowed by the Speaker.’
    • ‘The government is keen to find a way to separate the agencies that spend the money from the agencies that monitor the implementation to bring in greater answerability.’
    • ‘The majority proposal states that this is an imperfect solution, and it is, specifically because it damages the answerability of MPs that it sets out to improve.’
    • ‘The security of the state and its subjects against the misuse of power by ministers and their officials lies directly in their hierarchical organization and their answerability.’
    • ‘Rather than concentrating on answerability to detailed government rules, more flexible mechanisms of accountability that encourage responsibility-taking are essential for governance.’
    • ‘We are convinced that it would do nothing to enhance accountability and answerability to the public.’
    responsibility, liability, answerability