Meaning of ant-thrush in English:



  • Any of a number of thrush-sized ant-eating birds.

    a large antbird (three genera in the family Formicariidae).
    an African thrush (genus Neocossyphus).
    another term for

    ‘MacArthur studied four species of ant-thrushes in South America and discovered that they used different levels within the vegetation for feeding.’
    • ‘When the pedestrian falls in with a train of these ants, the first signal given him is a twittering and restless movement of small flocks of plain-coloured birds (ant-thrushes) in the jungle.’
    • ‘That's the song of the Rufus Fronted Ant Thrush, a very rare species with a very small range in southwestern South America.’
    • ‘In the lofty forests of the lowlands of Costa Rica and Panama, one of the most distinctive bird notes is the mellow, resonant whistle, usually twice repeated, of the ant-thrush.’
    • ‘Antthrushes are notoriously difficult to see well and we're delighted at our luck to have one right on the trail.’