Meaning of Antabuse in English:


Pronunciation /ˈantəbjuːs/


mass noun Trademark
  • A synthetic compound used in the treatment of alcoholics to make drinking alcohol produce unpleasant after-effects.

    Also called disulfiram

    ‘I kept writing it anyway, like an alcoholic drinking his way through the Antabuse.’
    • ‘Do not consider taking the drug Antabuse without direct medical supervision, as it can be lethal.’
    • ‘He can see a day when he will no longer need the Antabuse, but the Camproal is here to say.’
    • ‘While it is known that Antabuse produces an aversion to alcohol, this study could herald an important breakthrough in treating cocaine addiction.’
    • ‘Even now, only some 140,000 alcoholics in the U.S. receive medication for their disease, ranging from Antabuse to anti-depressants to anti-seizure drugs.’


1940s from anti-+ abuse.