Meaning of antenuptial in English:


Pronunciation /ˌantɪˈnʌpʃl/


mainly British
  • Existing or occurring before marriage; prenuptial.

    ‘These quite common examples are not the only instances where antenuptial agreements are involved.’
    • ‘In the absence of an antenuptial contract, persons are deemed to be married in community of property.’
    • ‘Normally, an antenuptial agreement will deal with all of the property and rights to property of both parties.’
    • ‘Parties to an antenuptial agreement often agree to waive any interest in the other party's retirement benefits.’
    • ‘If you conclude an antenuptial contract prior to your marriage, the accrual system will apply unless expressly excluded in the contract.’


Late 17th century from ante- + nuptial; compare with late Latin antenuptialis.