Meaning of antherozoid in English:


Pronunciation /ˌanθərəˈzəʊɪd/


another term for spermatozoid
‘When the egg has matured, these canal cells disintegrate to mucus, making way for the antherozoids.’
  • ‘The egg cells and antherozoids are collectively known as gametes, and the generation of the moss plant that bears them is known as a gametophyte.’
  • ‘On their release from the antheridia, the antherozoids must then swim through surface water to fertilize neighbouring egg cells.’
  • ‘At maturity, the antheridium bursts releasing the sperm cells or antherozoids.’
  • ‘Numerous antherozoids are produced in the antheridia and they swim through the covering film of water to reach the archegonia, each of which contains a single egg cell.’


Mid 19th century from anther+ zooid.