Meaning of anthozoan in English:


Pronunciation /ˌanθəˈzəʊən/


  • A member of a large class of marine coelenterates (the Anthozoa), such as a sea anemone or coral.

    ‘These anthozoans resemble stony corals but lack skeletons.’
    • ‘The oldest anthozoans are probably some of the polyp-like and sea pen-like fossils from the Vendian (late Precambrian).’
    • ‘In addition to their relevance as model organisms for understanding metazoan evolution, anthozoans are ecologically important.’
    • ‘Most symbiotic anthozoans live in nutrient-poor tropical waters.’
    • ‘An anthozoan individual has a saclike body divided by radial partitions known as septa; these septa can easily be seen in corals, and their arrangement is an important character for classification.’


  • Relating to or denoting anthozoans.

    ‘The origin of such symmetry is not related to the basic anthozoan body plan.’
    • ‘Additional evidence for a role for estrogen in anthozoan reproduction comes from measurements of estrogen release into seawater prior to or during spawning events.’
    • ‘Therefore, the anthozoan / dinoflagellate association possesses a CCM, including inducible host CA in proportion to the density of zooxanthellae.’
    • ‘It is not homologous with the bilaterality of body plans characteristic of anthozoan groups.’
    • ‘Anthozoans are readily available on coral reefs therefore it's not surprising that anthozoan tissue is their main diet.’
    • ‘There are three known cases of independent evolution of a nonfluorescent color: in Hydrozoa and within anthozoan clades A and B.’
    • ‘The chaetetids compose a small group of organisms that was most often presumed to be among the anthozoan corals, more specifically allied to the Tabulata.’
    • ‘One of the basic issues regarding the evolution of anthozoan colors that can be addressed at the present state of knowledge is the basis of intraspecific color variation.’
    • ‘The presence of a Ca 2 + dependent NOS-like enzyme was also demonstrated in biochemical experiments on both Hydra and an anthozoan Aiptasia.’
    • ‘This complicated bilayered structure is typical of anthozoan late planula larvae.’
    • ‘Together these studies indicate the sex steroids are likely to play a role in regulating anthozoan gametogenesis and/or spawning.’
    • ‘It has been proposed that the most recent common ancestor between cnidarians and bilaterians would have been morphologically similar to a pennatulacean anthozoan.’
    • ‘The life cycles of the hydrozoans P. carnea (B) and Hydractinia echinata (C) and a representative anthozoan (D).’
    • ‘(A) Oblique section of a possible fossil anthozoan planula.’
    • ‘The main anthozoan subclass, which includes the corals, is the Zoantharia.’
    • ‘If skeletogenesis in Scleractinia is proved to be "reversible," we should reconstruct anthozoan taxonomy itself as a beginning, without distinguishing corals from soft-bodied anemones.’
    • ‘For example, the widely employed anthozoan red fluorescent protein drFP583 (commercially available as DsRed) can be utilized as an "optical highlighter" in live mammalian cells.’
    • ‘When Wotton in 1552 gave to anthozoan corals and gorgonians, and hydrozoans the name Zoophyte, it was because of their morphological similarity to higher plants.’
    • ‘(B) Schematic view of a transverse section of the late planula of the anthozoan Euphyllia rugosa.’
    • ‘Anthozoan cnidarians.-In at least two papers, workers have postulated an affinity between stromatoporoids and corals.’
    • ‘Anthozoan life cycles are therefore simpler and their evolution centers on the presence or absence of clonality and the development of polymorphism of polyps in colonial forms.’
    • ‘For example, colonial anthozoan cnidarians, in particular the Pennatulacea or "sea pens" are quite capable of moving, defouling themselves, and burrowing both upwards and downwards.’
    • ‘Anthozoan cnidarians lack the medusoid lifestage found in other Cnidaria.’
    • ‘GnRH immunoreactivity has also been identified in two anthozoan species: the sea pansy, Renilla koellikeri, and the sea anemone, Nematostella vectensis.’
    • ‘Although we cannot completely exclude a nonbiological or nonmetazoan origin, we identified what appear to be modern cnidarian developmental stages, including both anthozoan planula larvae and hydrozoan embryos.’
    • ‘Bilaterality.-All anthozoan groups, including both the Rugosa and the Scleractinia, are distinguished by an essentially bilateral organization.’
    • ‘By contrast, Anthox - 2 (the Cnox - 2 anthozoan homolog) is expressed in the oral region of the anthozoan polyps Acropora and Nematostella.’
    • ‘By contrast, Anthox - 2 (the Cnox - 2 anthozoan homolog) is expressed in the oral region of the anthozoan polyps Acropora and Nematostella.’
    • ‘Anthozoan polyps reproduce both sexually and asexually.’