Meaning of anthranilate in English:



  • A salt or ester of anthranilic acid.

    ‘Likewise, food manufacturers no longer have to use natural grape to flavor a juice or dessert - they need only to add some artificial methyl anthranilate to achieve the same effect at much less expense.’
    • ‘Experiments carried out by wildlife specialists used methyl anthranilate.’
    • ‘In 1990, Pellmyr and his colleagues reported that fritillary butterflies seek the scent of only one form, probably because of its irresistible methyl anthranilate and isoeugenol.’
    • ‘A compound known as methyl anthranilate, derived from Concord grapes and used as a sweetener in grape Kool-Aid, makes grass unpalatable’
    • ‘The blue fluorescence of trp1-100 results from the accumulation of anthranilate in a sugar-conjugated form, particularly in the cotyledons of seedlings.’



/ˌanˈθranɪleɪt/ /ˌanθrəˈnɪleɪt/