Meaning of anthropopathy in English:


Pronunciation /ˌanθrəˈpɒpəθi/


mass noun
  • The attribution of human emotions to a god.

    ‘God also uses anthropopathy, or describes Himself in terms of human emotions such as love, grief or anger.’
    • ‘Since things which pertain to God must be explained in a human way, a manner of speaking called anthropopathy is frequently used.’
    • ‘While I can't honestly say I approve of anthropopathy, the subject came to mind the other day while dining at one of the finest Mexican food joints in the area.’
    • ‘Throughout the history of theology, anthropomorphism and anthropopathy have been closely tied, and theologians have been aware that to entertain passibility seriously is to grant latitude to the idea of a corporeal God that carries far more radical and serious implications.’
    • ‘Clearly the terms ‘repent’ or ‘was sorry’ or ‘regretted’ are examples of what is called either anthropopathy or anthropomorphism.’