Meaning of anthropophagist in English:


Pronunciation /ˌanθrəˈpɒfədʒɪst/


(also anthropophagite)
  • A person who eats the flesh of other human beings; a cannibal.

    ‘they had been living among anthropophagists, and had joined in their feasts’
    • ‘Since hamburger meat is your flesh of choice, you don't qualify as an anthropophagist.’
    • ‘Boiardo and Ariosto recount meetings with anthropophagists among the adventures of their knightly heroes.’
    • ‘I think it is Tacitus who records that at the time he visited Britain the Picts of Galloway were anthropophagists.’
    • ‘Man commenced as an anthropophagist; to this succeeded slavery; to slavery, serfdom; to serfdom, vassalage; to vassalage, proletarism.’
    • ‘The soil in America being covered with forests, made man a hunter, and from the custom of shedding blood, he became brutified in his habits and an anthropophagist.’
    man-eater, people-eater, anthropophagus


Mid 17th century from Greek anthrōpos ‘human being’ + phago- ‘eating’ (from phagein ‘to eat’) + -ist.