Meaning of anti-American in English:



  • Hostile to the interests of the United States.

    ‘She said the anti-American sentiment was so strong that she felt it personally.’
    • ‘He was sitting in front of five men, their faces masked, as one read an anti-American text.’
    • ‘What bothers me is that it was too damn easy for the clerics to whip up anti-American sentiment.’
    • ‘Ever since the war there has been a strong vein of anti-American feeling in Germany.’
    • ‘They saw him as Americanised and they were very anti-American in the 60s.’
    • ‘Can you tell us a little bit about what's going behind this anti-American stance?’
    • ‘At the same time, an uncompromising anti-American sentiment has rapidly spread among our youth.’
    • ‘These ranged from the anti-war to the anti-Blair to the anti-American.’
    • ‘Before you get cross, I'm not being anti-American, just anti the ones who voted for him, and those that have put up with him.’
    • ‘It is disgusting how anti-American rubbish is now being spewed out by certain children's comic books.’
    • ‘The US energy crisis is exacerbated by growing anti-American feeling in the oil-rich Gulf states.’
    • ‘The tireless anti-war, anti-American, anti-government operation is moving in.’
    • ‘Letting it descend into a failed state and haven for anti-American militants is not an option they will accept.’
    • ‘But are the strident anti-American voices not to be heard and reckoned with by British readers and viewers?’
    • ‘Why the urge to explain the misdeeds of any anti-American tyrant, no matter how odious?’
    • ‘I'm sure the activists will be able to work an anti-American angle into it.’
    • ‘Much more likely, he wants to demonstrate, yet again, his anti-American credentials.’
    • ‘We could wake up and find the next superpower defining itself in anti-American terms.’
    • ‘This is not the time, he says, to stir up anti-American sentiments, or sermonise over US foreign policy.’