Meaning of anti-capitalist in English:



  • Opposed to capitalism.

    ‘The lions at the base of Nelson's Column sported the latest anti-capitalist graffiti.’
    • ‘The last period has seem massive movements of young people develop in the form of the anti-capitalist movement.’
    • ‘Such a movement will need to take an anti-capitalist direction.’
    • ‘In Seattle at the very end of the 20th century a new anti-capitalist movement was born.’
    • ‘The world elite is becoming more scared of the anti-capitalist movement.’
    • ‘The G8 summit takes place this month in the Canadian Rockies, specially chosen to avoid anti-capitalist protesters.’
    • ‘Johannesburg was an important stage in the development of the anti-capitalist movement.’
    • ‘The play, of course, was an adaptation of John Gay's The Beggar's Opera, cunningly modernized into an anti-capitalist satire.’
    • ‘Now there are three major anti-capitalist events coming up.’
    • ‘Both gained popularity on an anti-capitalist ticket following the financial crisis.’
    • ‘In August an astonishing 300,000 people joined an anti-capitalist festival at Larzac in the south of France.’
    • ‘They played a free gig for anti-capitalist protesters at the European Union summit.’
    • ‘There's an interesting anti-capitalist thread running throughout the film.’
    • ‘For the third year running, anti-capitalist youth have teamed up with local unions for May Day demonstrations in downtown Minneapolis.’
    • ‘Commentators declared the anti-capitalist movement dead at the start of the year.’
    • ‘Even the anti-capitalist movement shies away from the idea of revolution.’
    • ‘The anti-capitalist movement marks the emergence of a new generation of politically thinking youth.’
    • ‘The anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist nature of the current movement means we are starting from a much higher political level.’
    • ‘This is part of the legacy for the present new wave of anti-war anti-capitalist radicalisation.’


  • A person who is opposed to capitalism.

    ‘Tony Blair urged fellow EU leaders yesterday not to yield in future confrontations with anti-capitalists who disrupted their Gothenburg summit.’
    • ‘Indeed, she has pinned a large portrait of the anti-capitalist on her living room wall.’
    • ‘In fact, the younger Packer seems to have been neither a dedicated anticapitalist nor an uncritical advocate of the welfare state.’
    • ‘Each total is almost twice the entire number of anti-capitalists who turned up to the London Mayday event.’
    • ‘Instead the vast majority of anti-capitalists became part of the anti-war mobilisations.’
    • ‘The task of anti-capitalists is rather to work towards separating national liberation from nationalism.’
    • ‘Any serious anti-capitalist who wants to act within really existing social relations cannot neglect the national movement.’
    • ‘He doesn't sound hopeful, pointing out that the Prague anti-capitalists, for all their passion, are a small group of agitators.’
    • ‘In the meantime, any self respecting anti-capitalist could do worse than trying to catch this play.’
    • ‘The other involved 50,000 anti-capitalists who marched to where the summit was held.’
    • ‘For example, saying that you hate capitalism is a powerful credential indicator to another anti-capitalist.’
    • ‘They offer models of 'global unionism' for trade unionists and anti-capitalists everywhere.’
    • ‘It is unfortunate that the movement against sweatshops is usually led by anti-capitalists.’
    • ‘But he fails to acknowledge the equally unreasonable scorn heaped on the anti-capitalists' ideas by conventional politicians.’
    • ‘Workers in Rotterdam harbour had struck for 24 hours, and young anti-capitalists pulled down a mock statue of the prime minister.’
    • ‘It's strange me being a sleeping anti-capitalist working in a business that is all based on money.’
    • ‘Workers and anti-capitalists in struggle must educate and develop stewards, witnesses, legal expertise and our own media.’
    • ‘In turn, the anti-war movement strengthened the anti-capitalists.’
    • ‘And anti-capitalists, pro-democracy groups, students, parents and others are planning to take to the streets in a mass, peaceful protest.’
    • ‘And I doubt whether the government feels threatened by fascists in the way it feels threatened by anti-capitalists.’