Meaning of anti-Christian in English:



  • 1Opposed to Christianity or Christian values.

    ‘Organised religion is often (especially in forums like this) made out to be the enemy, I use to be quite anti-christian but I'm not anymore.’
    • ‘There's more than a little anti-christian sentiment here.’
    • ‘The whole article is shot through with this kind of anti-christian bias.’
    • ‘The anti-Christian bias in our society has reached absurd proportions.’
    • ‘After all, anti-christian lyrics have been penned by everyone from John Lennon to Judas Iscariot.’
    • ‘These are songs whose subtle lyrics promote and/or explain the Antichristian position.’
  • 2Relating to the Antichrist.

    ‘If any part of the Church be proved to be antichristian, all of the Church is so, the Protestant branch inclusive.’
    • ‘Among all the anti-Christian manifestations in the history of the world and the Church that lie behind us in the past there is none that fits the description better than the Papacy.’
    • ‘These and similar passages reveal to the Church that antichristian forces will appear in various recurrent forms until the end of time.’
    • ‘Rome was the kingdom in existence, and the one yet to come is the Antichristian kingdom.’
    • ‘The work of the second beast is the service of the first; cooperating with the Antichristian world government.’