Meaning of anti-communist in English:


Pronunciation /antɪˈkɒmjʊnɪst/


  • Opposed to communism.

    ‘anti-communist demonstrators’
    • ‘Above all fascists and their friends found an echo in ruling circles for their pro-Hitler, anti-Jewish, anti-communist beliefs.’
    • ‘He highlights how anti-communist prejudice has lent weight to a sympathetic view of the propertied classes particularly over the treatment of slaves.’
    • ‘A similar story was a regular feature of anti-communist propaganda during the Cold War.’
    • ‘It's inexplicable that any truly anti-communist conservative would offer even a half-hearted defense of the man.’
    • ‘His hatred of Communism meant he bent over backwards to support anti-communist insurgencies in Central America, Asia and Africa.’
    • ‘But by the following year it was fully committed to covert anti-communist operations under the Truman Doctrine.’
    • ‘Truman next tried, unsuccessfully, to mobilize the Protestant leaders of the World Council of Churches in a ‘religious anti-communist front’ against the Soviet Union.’
    • ‘In 1949 George Orwell warned the Foreign Office not to trust 38 people if what it wanted was anti-communist propagandists.’
    • ‘It helped socialist trade unionists distribute anti-communist literature in Germany's Soviet-controlled zone.’
    • ‘In return, these ex-Nazis worked as anti-communist intelligence and immigration agents, specialising in the location, official harassment and deportation of migrant socialists and working class militants.’
    • ‘Many Americans feared that the apparent Soviet lead in space would become permanent, posing a strategic threat to the security of the United States and its allies and demoralizing anti-communist forces around the globe.’
    • ‘In the immediate lead-up to last week's police raid, a number of openly anti-communist groups have been formed.’
    • ‘Rather they were motivated by nationalist and anti-communist sentiments to pass on information to their handlers.’
    • ‘The debate over whether or not to go to Moscow for the 60th anniversary memorial is only the latest expression of the nationalist and anti-communist ideology that forms the basis of bourgeois politics.’
    • ‘They also found that the ‘democratic’ regime rewarded anti-communist articles generously.’
    • ‘Following the collapse of the U.S.S.R. that was fueled by former U.S. President Ronald Reagan's strident anti-communist policies, Germany was able to reunify.’
    • ‘I remember seeing him in action for the first time, only a few years ago, refuting the anti-communist nonsense in the 1997 collection the Black Book of Communism at a conference.’


  • A person who is opposed to communism.

    ‘Yes, communists were liberals' friends; but more importantly, anti-communists were the liberals' enemies.’
    • ‘The core is the alignment of traditionalists, libertarians, and anti-communists into a coherent conservative movement.’
    • ‘During the Cold War, anti-communists dreamed of rolling back the tide of Soviet conquests but were constrained by the threat of nuclear war.’
    • ‘His German linguistic skills made him useful: he was recruited and given the task of fingering anti-communists among the Russian émigrés abroad (his public role was that of a successful composer).’
    • ‘Early in the Cold War a group of communist literati, who had reacted to the horrors of Stalinism by becoming anti-communists, released a collection of confessional essays titled The God That Failed.’
    • ‘Her books sold in the millions and were most effective in transforming a generation of readers into ardent anti-communists and strong capitalists.’
    • ‘Still, he retains his special status among the older intelligentsia and many Western anti-communists.’
    • ‘They supported the freeze, denounced the military buildup, ridiculed strategic defenses, opposed aid to the Nicaraguan anti-communists and derided Reagan for telling the truth about the Soviet empire.’
    • ‘They may not like communists, but they really don't like anti-communists.’
    • ‘This is why the dualistic divide between pro and anti-communists has always appeared to me as a simplistic product of the rivalry between (what once were) the two superpowers.’
    • ‘She appealed to the older post-war generation, to the property-owning middle classes, to businessmen and anti-communists.’
    • ‘There was no such unity of purpose among the anti-communists.’
    • ‘He also notes that many anti-communists also missed predicting the fall of the Soviet empire, blaming this more on the false impression created by the Soviets and the limited access to data.’
    • ‘Some religious anti-communists profess to find signs of God's will here: a Moses-like child rescued from the waters who symbolizes the arrival of imminent freedom for Cuba.’
    • ‘Vietnamese communists under Ho Chi Minh organized a coalition of anti-colonial groups, the Viet Minh, though many anti-communists refused to join.’
    • ‘The anti-communists don't get any credit for keeping the heat on.’
    • ‘But in taking on the anti-communists, overconfidence may prove to be his undoing.’
    • ‘He was a fervent anti-communist who could comprehend and believe that people everywhere would choose to throw off the communist system if they ever had the chance.’
    • ‘Was he, as his friends maintain, a heroic anti-communist?’
    • ‘Richard Nixon the anti-communist went to China and ended the Vietnam war.’