Meaning of anti-discrimination in English:



  • Opposed to the unjust and prejudicial treatment of different categories of people.

    ‘Belgium has tough anti-discrimination laws’
    • ‘Any student claiming to be offended by a professor's remark about a group or class or individual can invoke anti-discrimination laws.’
    • ‘Update your firm's anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies, and inform management employees of the new training requirement.’
    • ‘These cases about federal and state disability law raise the question of what anti-discrimination statutes ought to be about.’
    • ‘These anti-discrimination statutes have not brought about sexual equality.’
    • ‘There are some wonderful anti-discrimination initiatives already taking place, such as the 'Dignity at Work' programme.’
    • ‘You should have an employee handbook that explains important policies and procedures, such as workplace safety and anti-discrimination policies.’
    • ‘The court held that employers cannot be held liable under the state's anti-discrimination law for harassment committed by third parties.’
    • ‘The program included anti-discrimination and equal rights campaigns, and promotion of education.’
    • ‘In the same year, an action programme to combat discrimination on all the grounds listed in Article 13 (other than sex) was adopted, and the Commission has announced a policy of mainstreaming so as to integrate anti-discrimination considerations such as race and disability in particular into other areas of EC policy formation.’
    • ‘His recommendations included the creation of anti-discrimination committees.’
    fair, just, equitable, impartial, unbiased, unprejudiced, non-partisan, non-discriminatory, anti-discrimination