Meaning of anti-government in English:


Pronunciation /ˌantɪˈɡʌv(ə)nm(ə)nt/


  • Against a government or the administration in office.

    ‘anti-government demonstrations’
    • ‘On October 6, thousands of public sector workers held anti-government protests to demand pay increases.’
    • ‘Yet their only ‘crime’ was to seek to organize peaceful anti-government protests.’
    • ‘Its definition blurs any distinction between organised violence against civilians and anti-government protest.’
    • ‘The appalling conditions facing many people had previously fuelled a number of anti-government protests.’
    • ‘The arrests are certain to fuel anti-government sentiment and protests.’
    • ‘There were significant anti-government strikes and protests last year.’
    • ‘The internal security apparatus shut down the radio station in 1975 for its anti-government propaganda.’
    • ‘How do you effectively represent your opinions if you are inclined to be anti-government or anti-the democratic process in its current form?’
    • ‘The mainly women workers, who were accompanied by their children, waved red flags and chanted anti-government slogans.’
    • ‘When asked why the government did not rebut them as it did when anti-government stories appeared, he just shrugged his shoulders.’
    • ‘He was arrested and tried on trumped-up charges when he began organising anti-government rallies.’
    • ‘The government declared a state of emergency after three days of anti-government demonstrations.’
    • ‘As the situation spiralled out of the control of the student leaders, the military was sent in to massacre the anti-government protestors.’
    • ‘While indulging in anti-government rhetoric at public meetings, he appealed to the courts to install him as a member of the same government.’
    • ‘Chanting anti-government songs, students from the universities and colleges made bonfires at different points on the road.’
    • ‘They then resorted to anti-government riots in June and July.’
    • ‘Workers chanted anti-government and anti-privatisation slogans as they marched through the streets.’
    • ‘The outfit has funded the distribution of anti-government pamphlets to the tune of $500,000.’
    • ‘Deepening poverty exacerbated by rising prices and pegged wages will lead to growing anti-government hostility.’
    • ‘These temporary workers have to sign contracts not to indulge in any anti-government activities nor join any trade unions.’