Meaning of anti-noise in English:



  • Promoting the suppression or reduction of noise.

    ‘anti-noise regulations’
    • ‘They are also visiting two local schools to promote the anti-noise pollution message and to discuss with pupils how problems can be prevented.’
    • ‘Forms of peddling would change and evolve, but street selling remained part of the urban economic, social and cultural fabric in urban America well after the wave of anti-noise regulation discussed here.’
    • ‘While not necessarily explicit advocates of anti-noise regulation, the writings of these individuals exemplified the martialing of the senses to describe the urban populace.’
    • ‘Peddlers and their advocates also drafted a so-called peddler's ordinance to exempt their cries from regulation under the anti-noise ordinance.’
    • ‘As for sleep, Les Blomberg, an anti-noise advocate, has it exactly right: ‘All it takes is a few seconds of one of these things blaring, and that's it - you're wide awake.’’
    • ‘But the committee chairman said the strong feeling of its members was in favour of expansion, adding the only opposition came from ‘the anti-noise brigade.’’
    • ‘Further controversy over the planned third runway at Heathrow was sparked when anti-noise campaigners accused the government of burying "the true number of people affected" in obscure documents.’
    • ‘But he is willing to quote this nut job to bolster his bucolic argument that a car-alarm ban will make New York City a paradise. Car thieves love anti-noise activists.’
    • ‘The report, which was compiled for the Department for Transport last Autumn, but only recently made public by the government, has shocked anti-noise campaigners.’
    • ‘The churlish response of the anti-noise brigade is sadly only what we have come to expect of them.’
    • ‘The administration sees the new code as augmenting the NYPD's anti-noise initiative, Operation Silent Night.’
    • ‘But anti-noise protesters said the proposal was ‘deceitful’, claiming it would simply allow more planes to use Heathrow.’
    • ‘Now the anti-noise group will be handing their petition in to both departments in an effort to get the government departments to act together.’
    • ‘He proposed that hand organs should be licensed, but not suppressed as more radical factions of anti-noise activists hoped.’
    • ‘They tried to deal with noisy modernity in all its forms by launching anti-noise crusades, legislating what constituted social noise and punishing transgressors, and by trying to make people and machines quieter.’
    • ‘Plans for an extra 10 flights an hour at Heathrow Airport have triggered furious protests among residents and an anti-noise pressure group.’
    • ‘Street sellers then drafted a so-called peddler's ordinance that would exempt them from anti-noise restrictions, but in late spring 1911, in a much-anticipated decision, the city council rejected the proposed amendment.’
    • ‘At an environmental symposium held at Westchester County Airport in White Plains, N.Y., on October 17, there was good news on the anti-noise front.’
    • ‘Even as the cordon of anti-noise ordinances tightened around peddlers, evidence also suggested that opinions differed on the subject of reasonable enforcement.’
    • ‘Leonard Hatred demonstrates his invention Psilence, an anti-noise spray that is applied directly to the ears sealing them up.’


mass noun
  • Sound generated for the purpose of reducing noise by interference.

    ‘If the crowd were silent before seeing Ploppycack 7, now it is so quiet that they seem to be producing anti-noise.’
    • ‘The active muffler is a speaker cabinet which is concentric to the exhaust pipe and outputs the anti-noise in a ring around the end of the exhaust.’
    • ‘And flat-panel speakers that produce anti-noise have been fitted to fighter plane cockpits to make them more comfortable for pilots.’
    • ‘If the anti-noise is not a perfect replica of the noise waveform or is not exactly 180 degrees out of phase, the destructive interference will weaken the noise, but not cancel it.’