Meaning of anti-racist in English:


Pronunciation /ˌantɪˈreɪsɪst/


  • A person who opposes racism and promotes racial equality.

    ‘residents joined with trade union members and anti-racists from across Britain’
    • ‘It is rare to find an anti-racist who believes that racist feelings can never be changed by any process of rational therapy.’
    • ‘Despite my stance as an anti-racist, it hadn't occur to me that prospective employers might chuck away a person's details because of their non-English name.’
    • ‘An anti-racist is not just any person who thinks racism is wrong—they are the experts at the centers of excellence for intercultural mixing.’
    • ‘All they have got is the language and these phony assertions about being anti-racist, and they use those things as signs of their intentions.’
    • ‘But as the language of politics is rewritten, I only know that I am neither a racist nor an anti-racist, unwitting or otherwise.’
    • ‘Being anti-racist is admirable, but if one is not equally anti-sexist, then it makes a nonsense of the argument.’
    • ‘Huxley was considered a radical reformer and anti-racist for his era.’
    • ‘The group was rattled at the noisy demonstration anti-racists held opposite the entrance.’
    • ‘Rather than break the organization, anti-racists focused on government policy, giving the organization time to regroup.’
    • ‘Anti-racists are campaigning in the area to isolate the tiny number of hardened racist thugs.’


  • Opposing racism and promoting racial equality.

    ‘he was active in the anti-racist movement in the USA’
    • ‘What action they take will depend on the political leadership of progressive anti-racist activists.’
    • ‘The two women were forced to wait 18 months for a trial, during which time they were forbidden to associate with anti-racist groups.’
    • ‘Her activities were the culmination of a long tradition of feminist anti-racist politics in Australia begun in the 1920s.’
    • ‘A key component of this year's campaign is an anti-racist training scheme.’
    • ‘The intellectual sloppiness of much of what passes for anti-racist work does not justify burying racist logic within nationalist fantasies.’
    • ‘He wants everyone to know about this anti-discrimination, anti-racist mandate.’
    • ‘The strategy seems to be to shame people into conforming to the official anti-racist etiquette.’
    • ‘Later he ran a paper promoting his strongly pro-union, anti-slavery, and anti-racist opinions.’
    • ‘The front has split, and racism is challenged at every turn by anti-racist movements.’