Meaning of anti-static in English:



  • Preventing the build-up of static electricity or reducing its effects.

    ‘As the server was built from new parts and painstakingly put together ensuring no part was placed or handled without an anti-static wristband and had been running for just over a year we were probably looking at a manufacturer defect.’
    • ‘And this finished, self-cleaning, anti-static and weather-resistant structure is itself maintenance free for 25 years.’
    • ‘Rather than simply sliding the card into an anti-static bag and placing it in the box, they actually placed the card inside of a large plastic housing to ensure absolutely no damage to the device.’
    • ‘Although it doesn't look like much, this will do a better job at protecting the card than a simple anti-static bag covering it, and secured by a folded piece of cardboard.’
    • ‘To remove it, you're going to have to very carefully pry the heatsink off, or put your video card in an airtight anti-static bag, and place it in the freezer, and then try to remove the heatsink.’
    • ‘Dust the screen often with an anti-static cloth.’
    • ‘Inside, the motherboard is packaged in a non-cushioned anti-static bag, with a thin foam insert at the bottom of the box to protect the board.’
    • ‘There was also no fancy packaging, just sealed anti-static packaging housing the individual memory modules.’
    • ‘Inside the box, everything is neatly packaged in their own cellophane bags, with the video card in an anti-static bag.’
    • ‘The screen has anti-glare and anti-static features and a 160 degree horizontal and vertical viewing angle.’
    • ‘These fibers do not attract much dirt because they are anti-static.’
    • ‘Inside the box we see the video card wrapped in an anti-static bag.’
    • ‘You can buy anti-static sprays and put them on your clothes.’
    • ‘Another method is to spray the carpet surface with an anti-static agent.’
    • ‘There was no cleaning involved - just a light dusting with an anti-static brush.’
    • ‘The top and bottom of the case were fitted with soft foam covers, and the whole thing was wrapped in an anti-static bag.’
    • ‘Set up everything in a brightly lit environment, with appropriate anti-static measures.’
    • ‘Another thing that you can do is to place it inside a non-scented, anti-static dryer sheet to sop up odors.’
    • ‘Large anti-static boxes are used to transport all the parts of the order.’
    • ‘This anti-static spray is made for dogs, and would probably accomplish similar results.’