Meaning of anti-war in English:



  • Opposed to war in general or to the conduct of a specific war.

    ‘his speech was interrupted by anti-war protesters’
    • ‘They are among the many unionists who have adopted anti-war resolutions in recent weeks.’
    • ‘He also spoke at an antiwar event that night organized by Columbia University's antiwar coalition.’
    • ‘We are here to show our support for the world antiwar movement, she said.’
    • ‘His actions in the early '70s were motivated by his desire to achieve political notoriety by hitching his wagon to the anti-war zeitgeist.’
    • ‘They need the support of the wider anti-war movement.’
    • ‘Nobody has the answer to why they target a particular five anti-war activists.’
    • ‘People are very impressed by the plans for the big anti-war demo.’
    • ‘Police were today setting up extra patrols outside schools in Leicester to stop pupils walking out to join an anti-war demonstration.’
    • ‘Montreal peace activists still can't stop talking about the record-breaking turnout of the Feb. 15 anti-war march.’
    • ‘The programme would begin with an anti-war show by 150 students.’
    • ‘No writer of his generation was more responsible for the widespread antiwar movement in England in the years following the war.’
    • ‘Latino activists have staged large anti-war marches in Los Angeles.’
    • ‘The first nationwide antiwar march in 1965 attracted about 25,000 people.’
    • ‘At the London anti-war rally, over a million people hit the streets.’
    • ‘Later that month the anti-war protest exploded onto the streets of the US.’
    • ‘From the anti-war movement, we know we are good activists.’
    • ‘Thousands of anti-war protesters are expected to march over the weekend in Ireland.’
    • ‘The antiwar people want to support them by bringing them home.’
    • ‘That was in addition to the wider meetings of the anti-war group.’
    • ‘Whether or not it could have been done otherwise, e-mail became the principal means of co-ordinating anti-war networks across the world.’
    peace-loving, peaceable, pacifist, anti-war, non-violent, non-aggressive, non-belligerent, non-combative, conflict-free, mild, gentle, equable, dovelike, dovish