Meaning of antiferromagnetic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌantɪˌfɛrəʊmaɡˈnɛtɪk/


  • Denoting or exhibiting a form of magnetism characterized by an antiparallel alignment of adjacent electron spins in a crystal lattice.

    Compare with ferrimagnetic

    ‘In antiferromagnetic materials, the magnetic moments of the adjacent atoms point in opposite directions.’
    • ‘However, superconducting crystals that have an antiferromagnetic sub-lattice of rare-earth atoms can, and do, exist.’
    • ‘Novel materials, such as those with heavy fermions that exhibit antiferromagnetic responses, often have electronic properties that cannot be explained by current physics textbooks.’
    • ‘Whereas monoclinic pyrrhotite is ferrimagnetic, the hexagonal variety is antiferromagnetic.’
    • ‘The exchange layer is made from an antiferromagnetic material, typically an iron-manganese alloy, which fixes the pinned layer's magnetic orientation.’