Meaning of antifungal in English:


Pronunciation /antɪˈfʌŋɡ(ə)l/


  • Used to prevent fungal growth; active against fungi.

    ‘ringworm can be treated with antifungal cream’
    • ‘coconut oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties’
    • ‘Clinical trials to further test antifungal therapy for chronic sinusitis are being planned.’
    • ‘To maintain clinical and mycologic control, a longer duration of initial therapy is recommended to achieve remission before beginning a maintenance antifungal regimen.’
    • ‘Nystatin is a polyene antifungal drug that binds directly to ergosterol in the cell membrane.’
    • ‘Apply topical over-the-counter or prescription antifungal medications as indicated.’
    • ‘Although not evaluated in a systematic way, azole antifungal compounds are alternative therapies.’
    • ‘Bee propolis and olive leaf are naturally anti-viral, antibacterial and anti-fungal.’
    • ‘This condition can sometimes be hard to treat and may require shaving the beard and applying anti-fungal cream.’
    • ‘Basil Oil has an active constituents that may be antibacterial, insecticidal and antifungal.’
    • ‘Another treatment option is an antifungal mouthwash.’


  • An antifungal drug or other substance.

    ‘the patient responded well to systemic antifungals’
    • ‘According to the release, an oral antifungal is the only effective cure.’
    • ‘It is a potent antifungal even more powerful than the drug Nystatin.’
    • ‘Your doctor or pharmacist will be able to tell you if any drugs you are already taking will interact with a specific antifungal.’
    • ‘The problem with using too many antifungals is that the yeast may eventually become resistant to the medication.’
    • ‘Stronger forms of topical treatments and antifungals in tablet form are only available on prescription.’
    • ‘The patient responded well to systemic anti-fungals.’