Meaning of antiglobalization in English:


Pronunciation /antɪˌɡləʊbəlʌɪˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/


(also British antiglobalisation)
mass noun
  • Opposition to the increase in the global power and influence of businesses, especially multinational corporations.

    as modifier ‘antiglobalization protesters’
    • ‘One of the main claims of the antiglobalization movement is that globalization is widening the gap between the haves and the have-nots.’
    • ‘These questions have been raised insistently by antiglobalization activists.’
    • ‘Many of them learned important theoretical and practical lessons from antiglobalization struggles in developing countries, particularly from Mexico's Zapatista rebellion.’
    • ‘Although attacks on the administration from the antiglobalization camp are very common, attacks from the proglobalization side are less so.’
    • ‘His argument on poverty relies on questionable assumptions, and he conflates arguments against corporate globalization with antiglobalization in general.’
    • ‘For all these reasons, a more comprehensive review of antiglobalization that includes the right and related populist concerns is needed.’
    • ‘Their resources are also far more limited than the antiglobalization rent-a-mob seems to realize.’
    • ‘The most memorable assault on the WTO's environmental record came at its 1999 meeting in Seattle, where antiglobalization demonstrators dressed as sea turtles to highlight the alleged damage wrought by the organization's policies.’
    • ‘It represents the backstory of the antiglobalization movement and shows that contemporary worries about the downsides of capitalism cannot be dismissed as the rantings of ignorant fools or as simple adolescent acting-out.’
    • ‘Many savor the irony that Bove, the antiglobalization movement's poster child, has become an international media celebrity and thus one of global society's primary beneficiaries.’
    • ‘Surely, however, that is not a movement that the self-marginalizing antiglobalization forces that have been in decline since Seattle are capable of building.’
    • ‘The protests set off by the start of trade talks between the United States and Andean countries in May is yet another sign of growing antiglobalization zeal among disaffected groups.’
    • ‘The rebellious fringe seeks a new alternative, and the signature food of the antiglobalization movement is vegan.’
    • ‘It is influential on campuses and among segments of the antiglobalization movement.’
    • ‘The globophobes refuse to budge on their antitrade stance, even if the trade reforms Oxfam calls for would help poor citizens in low-income countries - ostensibly the goal of antiglobalization activists.’
    • ‘The WTO, a multilateral organization regulating trade of goods and services, has been viewed by antiglobalization activists as a stumbling block to the implementation of sustainable development principles.’
    • ‘And the recent rise of police surveillance aimed at antiglobalization protesters only makes more clear the danger of prosecuting an inflammatory publication as if it were the hand that smashed the windowpane or pulled the trigger.’
    • ‘Although he is very much a nationalist, and finds himself close to the antiglobalization movement, he does not espouse an autarkic turn-back-the-clock, close-down-the-border solution.’
    • ‘Many of these parties were organized by Marla, a bubbly, blond-haired woman who had come to Kabul for Global Exchange, the antiglobalization group based in San Francisco.’