Meaning of antigravity in English:


Pronunciation /antɪˈɡravɪti/

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mass nounPhysics
  • A hypothetical force opposing gravity.

    ‘Albert Einstein first proposed the notion of antigravity in 1917 and later abandoned it.’
    • ‘Researchers have been able to simulate antigravity under extremely cold temperatures for small objects, but true antigravity is only a theoretical concept.’
    • ‘The best part of the story is where the physicists basically admit that yeah, given how incredibly weird phantom energy is, it probably allows for things like antigravity and wormhole-based time machines.’
    • ‘This has antigravity properties, causing the expansion of the universe to speed up.’
    • ‘Your species will never get your value for the Universal Expansion Constant correct until you factor in the effects of antigravity on cosmic expansion.’


  • (chiefly of clothing for a pilot or astronaut) designed to counteract the effects of high acceleration.

    ‘Raël claims that the creatures in Ezekiel's vision wore antigravity suits with small jet engines attached to them.’
    • ‘So this mysterious stuff has been labelled ‘dark energy’ and is a kind of cosmic antigravity force that counteracts the attractive force of gravity.’
    • ‘I patented nanotechnology, antigravity devices, and genetic techniques of all sorts by my teenage years.’
    • ‘They took their oxygen suits off and walked over to their antigravity beds.’
    • ‘The antigravity device is not a large object, maybe three square feet, and easily fits on a tabletop.’