Meaning of antihypertensive in English:


Pronunciation /ˌantɪˌhʌɪpəˈtɛnsɪv/


  • (of a drug) used to lower high blood pressure.

    ‘increasing dosages of antihypertensive drug treatments’
    • ‘The antihypertensive effects of the medication were presented at the International Congress on Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy.’
    • ‘I was recently digging out information on bringing characteristics of the microbes to bear that have anti-hypertensive properties.’
    • ‘In a study of the relationship between corporate affiliations and divided medical opinion over a controversial class of anti-hypertensive drugs, researchers found that 96% of those who were supportive of the drugs had financial ties to the industry.’
    • ‘Anti-hypertensive therapy can lower blood pressure.’
    • ‘Onions contain an antihypertensive agent.’
    • ‘A clinical study was conducted on two groups: 12 patients consulting for the first time, and 18 patients on conventional antihypertensive treatment.’
    • ‘Dilation of blood vessels decreases blood pressure and hence has an antihypertensive effect.’
    • ‘Only antihypertensive and antidiabetic drugs were permitted, if needed.’
    • ‘Antihypertensive therapy was given to three patients at the beginning of the study and to all patients in due course.’
    • ‘Patients were gradually able to decrease antihypertensive drug therapy during the first one to six months.’


  • An antihypertensive drug.

    ‘the ability to act as an antihypertensive’
    • ‘This patient's blood pressure is 10% higher today, and you've ordered an additional antihypertensive.’
    • ‘We were seeing people who had not taken their antihypertensive because they didn't know where it was.’
    • ‘Reserpine was used in the past as an antihypertensive, and may cause hypotension.’
    • ‘Data were entered by subgroup according to the type of antihypertensive that was compared with hydralazine.’
    • ‘A minimally effective antihypertensive might not be made available over the counter.’
    • ‘As an antihypertensive, drowsiness is a common side effect of clonidine.’
    • ‘Bretylium was used as an antihypertensive in the 1950s.’
    • ‘By administering an antihypertensive, they were able to slow progression of diabetic eye damage in more than 65% of participants involved in the study.’
    • ‘It was meant to be an anti-hypertensive.’
    • ‘Green coffee bean extract has been studied as an anti-hypertensive.’