Meaning of antilogy in English:


Pronunciation /anˈtɪlədʒi/

nounplural noun antilogies

  • A contradiction in terms or ideas.

    ‘In Hopkins's poetic practice, this is rendered by the frequent use of antilogies to qualify the divine.’
    • ‘More generally, antilogy names the basic rhetorical theory (propounded by Protagoras) that two contrary arguments may be given about everything.’
    • ‘Accepting this mathematical context produces a semantical change in the meanings of the terms with the result that they no longer stand for classical concepts and are therefore no longer antilogies.’
    • ‘We join tautologies, synonyms, antonyms, and antilogies by the common name oppositi (singular- oppositus) (from the Latin, oppositus = opposite).’
    • ‘He commented, ‘Everybody is building reusable components but everyone is building the same reusable components over and over again, which is a little bit of an antilogy.’’
    conflict, clash, disagreement, opposition, inconsistency, lack of congruence, incongruity, incongruousness, mismatch, variance


Early 17th century from French antilogie, from Greek antilogia, from anti- ‘against’ + -logia (see -logy).