Meaning of antimicrobial in English:


Pronunciation /antɪmʌɪˈkrəʊbɪəl/


  • Active against microbes.

    ‘Some burns units treat difficult wounds such as facial burns by leaving them exposed and applying antimicrobial ointment.’
    • ‘Mammals make more than 500 antimicrobial peptides, and their ancestry dates back some 300 million years.’
    • ‘A variety of antimicrobial peptides are present in mammals.’
    • ‘To keep the wound moist, antimicrobial ointment can be applied to the wound or a hydrating topical dressing, such as a hydrogel, can be used.’
    • ‘Thus, we believe that the discovery of the crystalline phase is an important new development for the field of antimicrobial peptides.’
    • ‘Resistance to antimicrobial agents enters microbial populations through mutation or immigration.’
    • ‘These results are discussed with respect to the mechanism of membrane disruption by antimicrobial peptides.’
    • ‘Misuse of antibiotics and antimicrobial drugs that results in microbial adaptation is the main reason for antimicrobial resistance.’
    • ‘One is that the clinical microbiology laboratory provides summary data on antimicrobial resistance in a facility to concerned clinicians on a regular basis.’
    • ‘This solution has no antimicrobial properties and may allow microbial growth.’
    • ‘Otherwise, amoxicillin and ampicillin have almost the same spectrum of antimicrobial activity.’
    • ‘Antimicrobial resistance has been demonstrated in all classes of antimicrobial agents.’
    • ‘One of the biggest threats in modern medicine is bacterial resistance to antimicrobial agents.’
    • ‘We had only limited data on antimicrobial drug resistance and no information about treatment with antimicrobial drugs and were not able to study this issue.’
    • ‘General practitioners agreed that over use of antibiotics would lead to the development of antimicrobial resistance.’
    • ‘Political interventions and more prestigious research areas seem to have contributed to a prolonged downturn in antimicrobial research after the second world war.’
    • ‘Most studies on antimicrobial treatment in community acquired pneumonia include only patients in whom the condition has been radiographically confirmed.’
    • ‘In pregnant women and in community acquired infections, simple antimicrobial drugs like nitrofurantoin might still be useful.’
    • ‘When invasive infection of a burn wound is suspected, empirical systemic antimicrobial treatment must be started.’
    • ‘Consider swabs if adequate antimicrobial therapy seems ineffective.’


  • An antimicrobial substance.

    ‘Examples of such devices include catheters coated with heparin or an antibiotic agent, bone cements containing antimicrobials, and blood bags containing anticoagulant or preservation agents.’
    • ‘There is no evidence for prescribing combinations of topical steroids and antimicrobials over steroids alone.’
    • ‘Generally, patients who state they have a ‘sulfa’ allergy are referring to sulfonamide antimicrobials, such as sulfamethoxazole.’
    • ‘Emergency treatment of dental abscess is antimicrobials, analgesics, and drainage of a fluctuant swelling by a dentist’
    • ‘A potential added benefit of such a strategy is the ability of natural antimicrobials to act synergistically with other host defense peptides and proteins.’
    • ‘Conversely, in wealthier countries the overprescription of antibiotics to meet patients' demands and overuse of antimicrobials in food production is adding to the problem.’
    • ‘If the patient is in severe pain or is feverish antimicrobials such as metronidazole 200 mg thrice daily for up to five days may be indicated.’
    • ‘Some antimicrobials are bactericidal whereas others are bacteriostatic.’
    • ‘With antimicrobials our expectation is that the infecting pathogen will be killed, but the myriad normal bacteria are also exposed.’
    • ‘Vaccines and antimicrobials may need to be stockpiled so that they can be mobilised rapidly and distributed to large numbers of people.’
    • ‘Minimal evidence was found to support local injection of antimicrobials or the addition of alpha blockers to an antimicrobial treatment regimen to improve outcome and limit recurrence.’
    • ‘The antimicrobials used most frequently are amoxicillin, sulfonamides and cephalosporins.’
    • ‘Treatment typically includes the use of acid suppressive medications along with antimicrobials.’
    • ‘These bacteria emerged shortly after the use of certain antimicrobials [antibiotics] in agriculture.’
    • ‘Topical antimicrobials are considered drugs by the FDA and are regulated as such.’
    • ‘The results of this study suggest that substantial opportunities exist to improve the use of prophylactic antimicrobials for patients undergoing major surgical procedures.’
    • ‘Another concern linked to the use of antimicrobials in food-producing animals is the potential for development of resistance in human pathogens that are transmitted to humans via animal-derived food.’
    • ‘The book contains numerous charts, tables and figures, including chemical structures for most antimicrobials that readers will find very useful.’
    • ‘Suggested dosing adjustments for antimicrobials are provided in the online supplement.’
    • ‘Studies from the United States suggest that treatment with antimicrobials is a risk factor for infection with drug resistant bacteria, and that this interaction may contribute to mortality.’