Meaning of antinomianism in English:



See antinomian

‘There are the two extremes of legalism and antinomianism to avoid.’
  • ‘The history of the Church, Coughlin notes, displays periods of both legalism and antinomianism.’
  • ‘The church that once accused Luther's teachings of antinomianism has consistently made room for repeat offenders, the kind of sinners whom Protestants are quick to remove from church rolls.’
  • ‘The specific issue of antinomianism perks my interest.’
  • ‘It genders the antinomianism which is going to cause a large part of professing Christendom as well as the world, to take the mark of the Beast when he appears.’
  • ‘The concern about antinomianism shown by Schlissel, Shepherd and others should also be shown by other evangelicals.’
  • ‘The answer often lies as much in titillation as in antinomianism.’
  • ‘God's law is holy, just, and good, and no one wants the gospel of grace accused of antinomianism.’
  • ‘Never underestimate the power of antinomianism veiled in the language of love.’
  • ‘The whole lecture has a morally subversive ring, and the savour of antinomianism about it.’