Meaning of antiquark in English:



  • The antiparticle of a quark.

    ‘The proton consists of three quarks, two up and one down, living in a complicated soup of dynamical quarks, antiquarks and gluons, which have ‘colour’ charges.’
    • ‘A single quark will be surrounded by a sea of continuously appearing and annihilating virtual pairs of quarks and antiquarks, and virtual pairs of gluons and antigluons.’
    • ‘Kaons and pions are examples of particles known as mesons, which contain a quark and an antiquark.’
    • ‘A neutral pion consists of a down quark and a down antiquark.’
    • ‘I've labeled the charges as q and q-bar for quark and antiquark, but that's modern terminology that might not have been present in the early days of string theory.’



/ˈantɪkwɑːk/ /ˈantɪkwɔːk/