Meaning of antlered in English:


Pronunciation /ˈantləd/


See antler

‘They had been beaten out of strips and sheets of brass and depicted a number of themes: a hunter with a bow and arrow shooting an antlered deer, people riding an elephant, two snakes, two women holding hands.’
  • ‘Look into their big old reindeer eyes and you'll wish you could love those wise-cracking antlered darlings to pieces, but then they lumber into the air and break the spell.’
  • ‘And they expect all manner of antlered creatures to bound out into the road, even in the middle of Penicuik.’
  • ‘We also watched a fine antlered stag grazing on succulent bushes, our approach masked by the sound of a waterfall.’
  • ‘I now realise it's actually a feeding station for large antlered beasts of the night.’