Meaning of Anton Piller order in English:

Anton Piller order


English Law
  • A court order which requires the defendant in proceedings to permit the plaintiff or his or her legal representatives to enter the defendant's premises in order to obtain evidence essential to the plaintiff's case.

    ‘This expression is apt to cover Mareva injunctions and Anton Piller orders, as well as the appointment of a receiver.’
    • ‘Whenever the court grants an Anton Piller order or an interlocutory injunction, unless the contrary is expressly said, the plaintiff will be taken to have given the usual undertaking in damages by implication.’
    • ‘Yes, but what do you say circumscribes Justice O'Loughlin's jurisdiction to grant an Anton Piller order in an action between two companies, one of which is asserting that the other is passing off?’
    • ‘Conceptually the relief sought in this proceeding and the relief in terms of Anton Piller orders are similar.’
    • ‘I am satisfied that the Anton Piller order (modified as indicated from the draft presented prior to the hearing) is appropriate in the circumstances.’


1970s named after Anton Piller, German manufacturers of electric motors, who were involved in legal proceedings (1975) in which such an order was granted.