Meaning of antrum in English:


Pronunciation /ˈantrəm/

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nounplural noun antra/ˈantrə/

  • 1Anatomy
    A natural chamber or cavity in a bone or other anatomical structure.

    ‘Cholesterol granuloma is usually associated with chronic middle ear disease and is common in the mastoid antrum and air cells of the temporal bone.’
    • ‘Thus removal of a small cholesteatoma may allow for reconstruction of the outer attic wall or creation of a cavity that extends to or just beyond the mastoid antrum.’
    • ‘It's endoderm ultimately forms the lining of the auditory tube, tympanic cavity and mastoid antrum.’
    • ‘Then, a fluid-filled space develops, to form the antrum of a tertiary follicle.’
    • ‘The cumulus projects into a single large fluid-filled space, the antrum, formed from the coalescence of the smaller spaces noted previously.’
    space, chamber, hollow, hole, pocket, pouch
    1. 1.1The part of the stomach just inside the pylorus.
      ‘Multiple biopsies were taken from the duodenum, the gastric antrum, and the distal esophagus.’
      • ‘Surgical resection of the antrum and first duodenum was performed.’
      • ‘The gastroenterologist should map the stomach with adequate sampling of the antrum, corpus, and cardia.’
      • ‘The antrum (ie, lower one-third of the stomach) is important for two main reasons.’
      • ‘The esophagus, antrum, pylorus, and duodenum were unremarkable.’


Late 17th century Latin, from Greek antron ‘cave’.