Meaning of anuria in English:


Pronunciation /aˈnjʊərɪə/


mass nounMedicine
  • Failure of the kidneys to produce urine.

    ‘Chronic renal failure with oliguria or anuria complicates fluid management during critical illnesses, particularly when cardiac disease coexists.’
    • ‘Other emergency conditions are anuria and acute renal failure secondary to bilateral obstruction, or unilateral obstruction in a patient with a solitary functioning kidney.’
    • ‘Patients with severe oliguria or anuria (output of less than 100 mL of urine per day) are likely to have postrenal acute renal failure.’
    • ‘The peripheral vasoconstriction also causes impairment of renal function, manifested either as oliguria or anuria.’
    • ‘One patient with an acute abdomen had anuria; in another, the anuria was associated with a paraplegic state.’


Mid 19th century from an-+ -uria.