Meaning of anxiety-free in English:


Pronunciation /aŋˌzʌɪətɪˈfriː/


  • Free from worry or concerns.

    ‘a bright, confident, anxiety-free life’
    • ‘The use of the organic label has grown in proportion with the public's hankering for anxiety-free food.’
    • ‘Children, whose lives may have been filled with abuse and chaos greatly benefit from an anxiety-free summer camp experience.’
    • ‘You may find the adjustment from hospital to home quite easy and anxiety-free.’
    • ‘My goal is to help make all those important moments we mark with food anxiety-free for those with gluten allergies.’
    • ‘As he surveys the sweeping shell-shaped beach fronting the elegant Spanish city of San Sebastian, he seems anxiety-free and happy.’
    • ‘Traffic in Midtown was such a disaster that day that the only anxiety-free soul would have been someone riding in the back of a hearse.’
    • ‘In keeping you relaxed and anxiety-free, your voice wouldn't get all pinched and high.’
    serene, calm, tranquil, composed, placid, at peace, at rest, at ease, in repose, reposeful, undisturbed, untroubled, unworried, unruffled, anxiety-free, content, blissful, secure