Meaning of anxiety-ridden in English:



  • Filled with worry or concerns.

    ‘a self-help book for anxiety-ridden students’
    • ‘Members are not anxiety-ridden about impending social upheaval.’
    • ‘He is another of those talented and emotive singer-songwriters who seem to specialise in anxiety-ridden pieces.’
    • ‘Parents who are insecure and anxiety-ridden are not likely to foster self-confidence in their children, regardless of how many books on parenting they may have absorbed.’
    • ‘She endured a sleepless, anxiety-ridden night and then went to work the next morning.’
    • ‘The problem I am having with all of this wedding planning that has descended upon my already anxiety-ridden existence is the problem I have with, well frankly, everything: prioritizing.’
    • ‘The thirst for victory turns the world into an anxiety-ridden arena of competitors where the strong prevail and human fulfillment is defined by what one has won or achieved.’
    • ‘The authors suggest that math anxiety ultimately affects competence, not because the anxiety-ridden individual is innately less able, but simply because the person's avoidance of math does not allow for practice and therefore mastery of it.’
    • ‘That looks like a success story, but Stowell and Russell, who have been directing the company since 1977, spent an anxiety-ridden, uncertain winter, waking up in the middle of the night and worrying if they were going to lose everything they had built in the past two decades.’
    • ‘This is where Charlie (played by Harvey Keitel) comes in: confused, anxiety-ridden, laden with guilt and full of existential fears, Charlie is having trouble in his attempts to be all things to all people.’
    • ‘"I get anxiety-ridden, and I can't relax."’